Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can you help the sightless?

If you thought being blind was a handicap, you are wrong, its just another challenge.
This is Hellen Keller.

And now meet Dr. Jagdish Chander (PhD, 2012, Syracuse University):
He almost single-handedly runs the project IASER (go to and click IASER), enabling blind graduate students everyday to be able to read!
Jagdish is here in Cleveland on Thursday (24th) and Friday (25th May). Asha Cleveland is hosting him and we are organising an informal dinner-information session where you can learn more about this fabulous project that aims at educating the sightless (like Jagdish himself).
A professor at Delhi University, Jagdish plans to attend an important conference at Baltimore (http://www.nfb.org/inclusive_publishing ). He is in need of funds for the trip and his stay, his need being of around $400. Pl email cleveland.treasurer@ashanet.org if you wish to help him. $20 from 20 people will do the trick!
Jagdish's appeal : (http://soundcloud.com/pie-pie-delta/audio-recording-on-tuesday ).