Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cleveland Bollywood Party, Summer 2011 and Few words abt Asha

Hello everyone,

The dust has settled and cerebral functioning restored.We're all ready to get back to our regular lives. As organisers of this year's Bollywood party we can't thank you more. We would love to tell you who we are and what we do.

Asha for Education is a 100% volunteer driven totally non profit organisation. And I can't but mention that they come from all walks of life, students, working people, home-makers, young people who drive the arterial flow and experienced people who guide the energy within the groups. We raise money from events (like this party), concerts and individual/corporate donations. Last financial yr, we disbursed funds and supported 259 projects in India. In short, we try to bring in a change in the social fabric of India by fostering education. Our motto is to galvanise Socio-economic change.

Talking about you and me, how much ever busy we might be, all of us know that there's a LOT to take care of back home, and in a certain corner within ourselves, we are constantly looking for that opportunity. Many of us stop short because we fail to identify routes or proper modes to bring our intentions out to fruition. Well, I intend to open up those venues for you today.

To begin with, I want to let you all know that getting involved with Asha is not difficult at all, nor is it a huge time commitment. Visit our website: . The easiest thing you can do is probably an online donation (look for the button to the top right of the home-page and also at

Asha has varying degrees of involvement, to suit most of us. Let me list out a few:

Registry of hope ( You can make a donation from personal gifts you receive to honor and make memorable any special event in your life, 25th Birthday, 1st Marriage Anniversary, your child's 1st birthday, Graduation, what not! Ask your guest to make their gifts to you payable to Asha instead. People have done it, it's savvy, hip, rewarding and it's awesome.

Support a Child ( This is easier than it looks, and is definitely more rewarding than it sounds. YOU SPONSOR A CHILD. You develop a personal level relationship with the child and we keep you up-to-date about where your money is going and how your beneficiary is faring throughout his/her education. You won't believe that you can start supporting with as little as $10 per month!

Asha Stars: This works best if there are a group of like minded people. You take first
hand responsibility of a project and see it from development to deployment, and finally becoming independent. You will be supported by Asha core groups and chapters linked with the project.

Asha Internship Program: Are you visiting India for sometime (> 1 month)? You can intern at one of the Asha Projects and get hands on experience working at the grass-root level. Visit our site at and you'll see you'll not find an iota of boredom (after first few weeks of activity) when home.

And of course, we have Team Asha: A bunch of hyper-charged individuals (~70% of whom have never run long-distance before) decide to train hard and run a long distance run, 5k, 10, Half Marathon (13 miles) or Full Marathon (26 miles). Any long distance running is a pain, and as our running coaches put it, 'an uncomfortable thing, which is why not many do it'. Our runners take all the pain and dedicate their efforts to raising money for Asha. They call themselves 'Team Asha' and donations from their well wishers, employers, pals, peers, FB friends, long-lost school friends, acquaintances roped in around $8k last year. Besides it gets you in shape. You can be a runner for us, and help yourself while helping us in the mean time (BTW, I'm running the Akron Full Marathon in September 2011 too :) ).

I know I've strayed from my promise of a short message, nevertheless, I hope I have been able to bring home the point that if you want to give back, we're here to coordinate. Follow us on FB  and please don't forget to vote for us in the Chase Community Giving challenge. We came #33 in round 1 and won 25K, but we can potentially win $500k in round 2 which begins on May 19th to 26th. This is the link or

Last but not least, you can become a volunteer and join us in our weekly meetings. Email us and we'll get back to you. Emails asking for clarifications are also welcome, to the same address.

Thanks a lot.

Partho from
 Cleveland Asha Team

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